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English Literature

A student with an English Literature degree can establish his / her career in the avenues of business, lecturership, teaching, communications, computer science, fashion, law, marketing, advertising, performing arts, psychology and economics. The scope of English Literature degree depends on what you can do with all these major areas.

Urdu Literature

The study of Urdu Literature opens the avenues of career in the fields of teaching, lecturership, print media, and electronic media. Moreover a student with the Urdu Literature degree may also join Urdu websites as content writer. A student with grip on this subject and little general knowledge, confidence, common sense and computer skills can find job in all the spheres of life.

Fine Arts

Fine arts is a field for creative people. If anyone has natural talent in creative arts like painting, sketching drawing, calligraphy, illustration, crafts and interior decoration then Fine Arts is the best career option for her. FA with Fine Arts will polish her hidden talents. FA with Fine Arts has great demand and scope in job market.


With the numerous discoveries and availability of numerous inscriptions, the scope of history has also widened. FA with history can open the professional avenue in the fields of Geology and Archeology.


Sociology, the study of the relationship between man and environment helps in understanding the problems of society. The Pakistani society has become prone to diversified social problems for which social scientists are coming up with appropriate scientific skills to address the social issues and Sociology helps in this regard. National and International NGOs offer the jobs to the students of Sociology.

Home Economics

The study of Home Economics helps to make choice for improvement of not only life at home, but can also prepare one for occupation. FA with Home Economics focuses different dimensions such as, food nutrition, cookery, household management, textiles, clothing, laundry, child development, crafts and human relation. A student of Home Economics can opt for any of these fields afterwards.


the study of Civics / Political Science can open the professional avenue in the fields of International Relations, foreign policy, public administration, american studies, local self govt, international law, international organization and defence and stretagic studies.


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