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The study of Physics opens the career in the fields of industries, education, automotive and aerospace industries, defense, the public sector, health care, energy, materials technology, research, computing and I.T.


The scope of chemistry branches out into a host of different specialized fields of expertise e.g. scientific research, medicine, industry, aviation, space and military purposes.


The scope of biology as a whole is incredibly vast. Students studying biology create scope for themselves in the fields of health, medicine, agriculture and industry.


The study of Maths is important, at the basic level of Intermediate and in its applied form at Engineering level. Wherever you go, whether it is Economics or Consultancy or Computer Science, Maths is necessary. F.A / F.Sc with Maths builds the foundation for establishing career in Maths.


The scope of Statistics is very vast. FA with Stats lays the foundation for joining different fields of Economics, Business Management, Administration and Research activities.


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